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Located in Costa Mesa, California,
Lucky 13 Sweets & Treats
makes fresh, made to order
home-baked goods.

Lucky 13 Sweets & treats was founded in 2013.  We brought cookies into work for people as gesture of kindness and just to make everyone's day better.  However, the cookies and treats he brought in quickly gained a big following.  Over the course of a quick couple of months people were then making small requests for certain kinds of desserts.

Those small requests eventually grew into full fledged orders and we realized that we could make a go of this whole baking thing.  Not too long after, Lucky 13 began showing yup at random farmer's markets here and there and word spread throughout Orange County of the great things coming from this kitchen.

Lucky 13 has now evolved into providing desserts for several regular vendors, including Grower's Ranch in Newport Beach, Jav's Barbecue of Anaheim and the online meal service, Dish Republic, Add in multiple corporate and private events in L.A. and Orange County.  and regular attendance at several monthly events and weekly markets and suddenly Lucky 13 is making even more people's days better with amazing desserts.


(949) 678-0424


Costa Mesa, CA 92627